About us

The National Paint Industries (NPI) was established in 2001  by BRIFCO INTERNATIONAL,  a company with 25 years experience in paint production and distribution in all of West Africa. NPI in Liberia is the third factory established in West Africa, while the mother company remains in Beirut, Lebanon.

The Company is in continues expansion thanks to the high quality of our products and our constant attention at the requirements of all our customers.
 Britone paint has been imported into Liberia for many years before and the decision to establish it in here comes from the insistence and encouragement from all the customers that found Britone the paint that meets their requirements.
The trade name Britone comes from England where all our formulations were made. The same formulations grant to an English company the number one sales in many European countries. Our raw materials come from the most known and respectful European chemical manufacturers.

Our Mission


Britone is a company operating in the sector of the paints with a  long and consolidated experience: the company has recently reached in Liberia  the  14 years of  activity and is considered one of the most advanced  in its sector in West Africa. The industrial complexes in Liberia are located in Monrovia in Freeway .

The product range offered by Britone is extensive, complete and constantly renewed; thanks to a significant corporate commitment in the field of research and development has always been a strategic function of the company.
Strengthened by a commercial organization operating in the area by warehouses, dealers and sales agents, Britone distributes its products throughout the country and in some important foreign markets

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