Epoxy Paint



Epoxy Coating Paint is a two part solvent free Epoxy resin coating consisting of a pigmented Base resin and a clear hardener component. The product maybe applied by brush, lamb’s wool roller or spray to provide a decorative coating which is easily cleaned and chemically resistant. The applied coating is resistant to abrasive wear and to the penetration of oils and greases. The two part solvent free product is pre-packaged ready for on-site mixing without any risk from solvent vapors. High build and “hiding power” may be achieved in two coats giving 400 microns thickness of application. A non-slip finish is obtained when the first coating is broadcast with non-slip grains.

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Uses include: Floor coatings for kitchens and other food processing areas, warehouse and storage areas, metal Surfaces, and concrete surfaces.

Specification Outline
Epoxy Floor Coating as manufactured by National Paint Industries.
The product must be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's

Typical Coating Properties @ 20°C
Useable Life 25 to 40 minutes
Mixed Viscosity 1500 to 2000 mPas
Dry Film Thickness 400 microns in two coats 


Solids by Weight:

Solids by Volume
: 100%

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC):
Nearly zero pounds per gallon

Recommended Film Thickness:
10 mils

5-7 m² per liter per coat

Packaging Information:
approximately 5 liters per kit
1 US gallon, Part A Epoxy (resin)
1 quart, Part B Epoxy (hardener)
 (Designed to be mixed at the application site)

Shelf Life: 1 year in unopened containers
Finish Characteristics: Gloss 60 to 90 @60 degrees
Abrasion Resistance: Taber abraser CS-17
calibrase wheel with 1000 gram total load
and 500 cycles = 36 mg loss
Flexural Strength: 7,400 psi @ ASTM D790
Compressive Strength: 11,200 psi @ ASTM D695
Adhesion: 350 psi @ elcometer (concrete failure, no
Viscosity: Mixed = 700-1000 cps (typical)
Tensile Strength: 7,600 psi @ ASTM D638
Ultimate Elongation: 4.1%
Gardner Variable Impactor: 50 inch pounds direct – passed
Hardness: Shore D = 81
Application Temperature: 10-35 centigrade

Instructions for Use

All contact surfaces must be sound, clean, and dry and provide a good mechanical key. Remove all loose material, paint, plaster and oily deposits. For best results, light grit blasting is recommended.

No special priming is required.

The Epoxy Coating base component is supplied in a container which is large enough to
receive the hardener component and act as the mixing vessel. Pour all the hardener component
into the base resin container and mix using a slow speed high torque drill with a Grout Stirrer. Mixing should be continued for two minutes to achieve a uniform consistency and color.
Do not attempt part pack mixing.

Apply the Epoxy Coating in two coats. The use of a brush for the first coat is recommended.
For the second coat the use of a brush or a short pile simulated lamb’s wool roller is satisfactory for concrete surface. For metal surfaces spray may be used.
The second coat may be applied as soon as the first coat has cured to touch dry typically 12 to 24
Hours. Each coat should be applied as a thin continuous film.
All tools and equipment should be washed with Solvent. Hardened Epoxy Floor Coating may only
Be removed mechanically.
Epoxy Coating may be applied at temperatures between 10°C and 35°C.

Typical curing times at 20°C
Overcoat 12 to 24 Hours
Foot traffic 36 to 48 Hours
Full cure 7 Days

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