Coating is a high grade acrylic elastic copolymer of easy application which gives a resistant and waterproof film after drying. Can be applied on interior and exterior surfaces. It has a very strong adhesion ability on dry or slightly damp surfaces like
concrete, cement, fiber cement, PVC, polystyrene and wood. The coefficient of elasticity of 400% is particularly effective in the treatment of micro-cracks and surfaces in motion. It is waterproof and retains its sealing properties and elasticity even when significant
climatic variations. Contains fungicide that protects the coating against molds and prevents appearance of moisture on floors and walls. Does not crack and resists ultra-violet rays..

• Prevents water infiltration through concrete, masonry, walls& floors.
• Prevents the development of molds on the paint film.
• Resists up to 2.5 bar water pressure.
• Dries quickly, and it is recoverable after 4 hours.
• Can be applied on damp surfaces.
• Provides an attractive and easy clean finish.
• Does not crack and resists ultra-violet rays.

Britone, the Everlasting Tones of Brightness

Sealing and protection of walls, terraces,
balconies, stairs, roofs and other surfaces masonry Ideal also on fiber
cement, PVC, wood and expanded polystyrene.
Applications: Stir well before using. Apply two coats with a roller or
preferably by brush. Apply well the first layer respecting the spreading
recommended. Allow the first coat to dry for at least 4 hours before
applying the second.

The surface must be clean, free of dust, grease, oil and bulk materials. Remove all loose particles using a brush or acid detergents. Rinse well. Remove traces of mold. The surface must be dry, but can also be slightly humid.

Wash tools with water immediately after use. If the product started to dry, use white spirit or similar solvent.

Coverage will vary if the surface is smooth or grainy. On average, lliter covers maximum 4 m2 on a relatively smooth surface with a brush or roller.

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