Semi Gloss Latex Emulsion


Water resistant, washable paint and anti-mold, this material is recommended for painting all exterior surfaces, and will also give excellent results if used on interior surfaces. Water repellent on the external surfaces, gives the possibility to remove easily any spot on the wall using a lightly wetted sponge. It can be used on unpainted and painted plaster, walls, wood -concrete, cement, wallpaper, and other masonry surfaces..

Britone, the Everlasting Tones of Brightness

Surface Preparation: The preparation of the surface for painting is the most important factor in the life of the paint system. Even simple washing down of dusty paintwork before repainting can have a beneficial effect on the durability of the paint system.
The substrate must be free from all surface contamination such as dirt, dust, laitance, mold, mildew, mortar, mill scale, loose paint, surface efflorescence, grease, oil, excessive chalk, and any other surface contaminants.
All cracks should be dug out and properly back filled with a suitable filling material.

By brush, roller or spray.  

40-60 square meters per U.S Gallon depending on the kind of surface to be painted.

As a rule, any paint should be thinned down to a workable viscosity. Here we can recommend for the first coat half a gallon of paint, and for subsequent coast a quarter of a gallon of water per gallon.

Sheen (or Gloss) : 

Resin Type : 
Proprietary 100% Acrylic


    • Good hide and coverage
    • Superior fade resistance
    • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray
    • Resists cracking, peeling, blistering, alkali, dirt and fumes
    • Superior adhesion
    • Excellent resistance to paint deterioration
    • Creates a smooth finish
Fast dry and re-coat times


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