Wall Putty Powder

(White Cement Based)


BRITIONE WALL PUTTY POWDER is based on white cement, polymers and finest quality minerals to achieve filling of surface irregularities, surface indentations, hairline surface cracks etc.  It gives excellent sanding and foundation for your expensive top coat paints.

.Exceptional bonding
.High coverage
.Excellent body filler
.No primer required
.Direct usage
.Exceptional whiteness
.Excellent Workability
.Quick drying
.Alkaline resistant
.Cost effective

This product is recommended for surface leveling, filling surface irregularities, indentations & hairline surface cracks for: plaster, gypsum, concrete and masonry work.


Britone, the Everlasting Tones of Brightness

Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from all contaminants (oil, grease and lose particles dusts).  Application can be done by the recommended application method.

In a clean bucket, mix the required quantity of BRITONE Wall putty slowly with 25-30% of clean water by volume to prepare paste of desired consistency.  Mix only required quantity, stir homogeneously by using electrical mixer till free lumps.  Give 10 minutes induction time so that additives dissolve.  Re –mix again for 1 minute.

Ensure enough ventilation during application and drying. Do not apply when humidity exceeds 95% then condensation is likely to occur.  Wet the surface with clean water.  Allow excess water to drain off.  Using a putty knife/bladed knife, apply the above mix, level and smoothen the surface.  Allow the coat to dry.  Apply a second coat on the first coat once fully dry.  The thickness of each coat should not exceed more than 1mm.  It is a best practice when calculating coverage to allow for 10-15% additional material for wastage and spillage.

Most of the water based products are quite safe to handle.  Keep out of reach of children and away from food and drinks.  As a general rule, avoid skin and eye contact by wearing overalls, goggles and mask etc. Spillage on skin should immediately be removed by thorough washing with water and soap or suitable cleaner eye should be flushed with fresh water and get medical attention.  During sanding or surface preparation wear suitable nose pad to avoid dust inhalation.  No added lead, mercury and chromium compounds.

In a dry and covered area, open the pack just before use.

Color Dry Film            :  White
Finis Dry Finish           :  Matt Smooth
Recommendeddft       :  1mm/coat-maximum
Flash Point                  :  N/A
Pot Life                       :  60 minutes
PH                               :  alkaline

Spread rate is totally dependent on the surface profile and the extent of filling required.  However as a guideline only 10 to 15 sqft/kg per coat may be considered for reasonable smooth plastered surface.  All the quantities shown are approximate for estimating purpose.

At 30 degrees (temperature, humidity, air movement, film thickness and number of coats, will all effect the drying time).
Touch dry  :  1hr-1.5hr
Dry to recoat  :  4-5 hours


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